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Monday, 26 July 2010

Your child as a Butterfly Flower Fairy - custom fairy portrait (photograph) by Sharon J. Bainbridge

How would you like a picture like this beautiful butterfly flower fairy created for your child. The costume has been digitally created by me, Sharon J. Bainbridge. You can see my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby on Amazon.

Here is an example of before and after pictures for this personalised fairy portrait. If you prefer you can go for the cheaper option where you dress your child in a suitable dress and we will just add the butterfly fairy wings, flower and flower fairy hat. The fairy wings, hat and flower can be changed to the colour of your child's dress.

The Butterfly Lullaby shop is being updated. So if you are interested in the above picture or any of my other fairy portraits contact me Sharon J. Bainbridge at orders@butterflylullaby.co.uk

We have some lovely free arts and crafts ideas here on my Butterfly Lullaby blog and You Tube site. As well as pretty Princess hair and how to create this look. Add me as there are more exciting things to come!

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