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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daughter Sharon J. Bainbridge in search of farthers missing art drawings (Roy Bainbridge) - Kent, UK

This is my farther Roy Bainbridge. He used to draw and play the guitar years ago. Originally from Kent, UK, but has moved around. I am looking for the two women (ladies) he shared a flat with back in the 1970's I think? He left all his art drawings at the flat when he moved out. Have you still got them? Please get in touch.

My little angel is a budding artist, I would love her to have her Grandfarthers drawings, something special to keep and to pass on through the family generations.

My Farther (Dad) was approached by a London Gallery years ago, probably back in the 1970's, but sadly he turned them down and took up Interior Design (painting and decorating) instead. Don't get me wrong he is a damn good decorator and has an amazing eye for detail, but I really wish he had done something with his true gifts, that of music and art.

He gave me a pencil drawing when I was about 10 (ten) years old. It was amazing. So much detail. Pictures within pictures, I could see then why a Gallery wanted his work. But they asked him to do sets of pictures, which he was not interested in doing as one took him such a very long time to complete. As I have moved around so much during the years the only drawing I had that he gave me is now lost. So my only hope of recovering the past is by searching and finding his old drawings that were left with his two female flat mates years ago.

If anyone has any information on the drawings please do get in touch. My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am one of his daughters. You can contact me by post c/o Butterfly Lullaby. The address is on my website. Or leave me a message here or on You Tube.

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