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Thursday, 26 August 2010

In search of family Great Great Grandmother LeFever had a Haberdashery in England UK around 1918 - Grandmother to Sybil Stanley Myles

My Great Great Grandmother LeFever (not sure of the spelling) had a Haberdashery around 1918 somewhere in England, definitely in the United Kingdom (UK.) Although she never adopted my Nan when both her parents died, Nan still visited her.

We all seem to take after Great Great Grandmother LeFever with her love of sewing. My Nan loved to sew and created some amazing things. Both Aunties and my Mum worked as tailors. I loved the turquoise velvet dress my Mother made me when I was a child, which I have somewhere on old Cine Film.

As for me, Sharon J. Bainbridge, well I was a bit out of the ordinary. My first costume I made was very Gothic and the hair and make up was something else too. I worked in Mr Cherry's Pub in Hastings, E.Sussex (UK.) This was my stage, and the customers were my audience. So every look I created was totally unique. I made a Halloween dress out of an old black sack (rubbish bag.) No doubt I went to work like this and then on to party, party at the night club Saturdays where they played Down Town by Petula Clark. I recall a red dress, and one I made out of plastic table cloth material.

When I had my little child, I made a Victorian style costume out of an old Disney quit cover, which is here on my blog. I then made my first Butterfly Fairy costume which is in my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. All the fairy costumes in the Book Butterfly Lullaby were created by me, Sharon J. Bainbridge, except the Bumblebee costume, which still bugs me as I wish I had created my own style.

The fairy costume below is one of mine. I created this one for the story Colour me a fairies wish.

So there you have it. Hopefully one day I will find my long lost family and we can exchange family photographs and stories.

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