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Friday, 13 August 2010

Nan's (Sybil Stanley Myles) old sewing box my Scrapbook layout and fairy costumes by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Before my Nan died (Sybil Stanley Myles) she gave me her wonderful old sewing box. Her hands were crippled with arthritis, her love of sewing was no longer possible. It was the best thing she could have ever given me, better than any money, a real treasure chest full of old buttons, needles, cottons and lots more other goodies. I even found an old rolled gold ring in the shape of a buckle. Was this ring my Nan's ring or maybe her Mothers? In the picture below you can see my Nan's sewing box with me sitting on it as the Ancient Butterfly Fairy from my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. In the video I have included my very first scrapbook layout using real paper, and not digital images, all based around my Nan and the sewing box she gave me before she died. My Nan's memory and the sewing box inspired me to create all the fairy costumes in my fairy story book Butterfly Lullaby, which you can see on the front cover of the Butterfly lullaby fairy tale book.

Quote from the Butterfly Lullaby fairy tale book: It was as if the ancient butterflies could not stop crying. Raindrops fell day and night. The fairies could not understand why there was so much rain. They thought it strange. There were fairy whispers that the Butterfly Fairy Princess had been put under a spell.

Tear drops fells as bubbles!

I really hope in years to come when the sewing box is passed through generations that it never gets sold for money! That would truly break my heart, because she meant so much to me, much more than money ever could. To sell this and not keep it in the family would be a crime against her memory. She had a tough and very sad childhood. Her and her brothers were fostered out to different English Families in the UK. She cried for her Mother, and drowned out her sorrows by reading lots of different books, my Nan was a true book worm. This makes my story even sadder as she never got to see my fairy book, the photographs I created or the fairy costumes and fairy peg dolls I made. I know if she had she would have been so very proud of me. And who knows we could have created a book together, as she really wanted to be an English Teacher and tried to help me with my dyslexia.

But I have happy memories of her introducing me to all different crafts. We made some very sweet peg dolls when I was a child, and she taught me to sew, crochet and Knit.

 Nan, I even included you in my Butterfly Lullaby story book as the Great Great Grandmother fairy:

"All the fairies looked in amazement as they saw this old fairy (Nan) change before their eyes. From this frail old lady there was suddenly a beautiful and very young fairy hovering before them. She was reborn, and before they could blink she had disappeared with the butterflies."

Nan you never had your Mother and Farther to protect you and keep you safe. They were not their to give you the love and hugs you needed, because they died when you were just four years old. You were unable to give physical love with cuddles as you were never shown how. But you showed love in so many other ways. You took us for walks, you cooked wonderful meals. You gave your time teaching us arts, crafts and taught us how to sew. You were there when we needed a home. You will always be a very special part of my life. I remember siting on your sofa watching old movies with you and falling asleep in front of the fire. Childhood memories are something I treasure, you were my strength and you gave me the reason to dream. Nan I miss you so much, and I am so very thankful that I had you as a part of my life.

I have come across some wonderful people, but sadly like most of us, I have also crossed some real gremlins too. They cannot believe someone with a pure heart, because they don't have one! They try to pull you down and make you feel worthless, because they want what you have. But they will never break me! Life has made me tough, it has made me a fighter and I never, ever, give up! I look at other people and listen to their stories and think how very lucky I am and it makes me stronger.

Before my Nan died she offered me a large sum of money from the sale of her house. I did not take this money from her. At the time I was on a low income so it would have been nice. But because of her sad childhood, I wanted her to know I loved her for her, and I mean really loved her, no money could ever replace her or her memory. They say money is the route of all evil, sadly this is true is some cases. Some people get lost in possession, they become more important than people. Try and enjoy the simple things in life as they are free. Hold on tight to the good side of your childhood memories. When your a child and brought up knowing that money does not grow on trees, makes you a better person. Spoil a child too much and they will never respect you, and they will never be happy with what they have. They will never be able to stand on their own two feet. So who will look after them when your gone?

My one regret is that I should have taken the money and given it to Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis (My cousins little girl.) It could have gone towards her trip to Disney. Instead the rich, wealthy cousin profited from my share of the money! And from me not wanting any money when Nan eventually died. The one that called our Nan the bag lady and laughed about her behind her back. Was she ashamed of our Nan because she was part Burmese, English, French, and had that foreign look about her? Our cousin certainly did not take after my Nan's side of the family that's for sure. Mandy should have got Nan's car, she was the one that needed it, she was the one that looked after Nan and took her shopping. Mandy with the kind heart, the cousin I adore and love as a sister. Mandy the cousin that has gone through so much pain with caring for her sick child, little Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. Why is it the wrong people get everything in this world? Maybe it's a test, well one day we will find out. Hopefully, one day, Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy story will be a household name. One that will stand with pride. One that was created with love and not profit in mind. One created for little Jodie and others like her with Cystic Fibrosis.

Nan you may be gone, but will never be forgotten! Here on the Internet she will stay for all to see. You came into this world with nothing and left with nothing. Nothing but family love from the people who truly loved you!

The foreign look I inherited from you, makes me proud, even though I was called a bubble (apparently it means Greek) and picked on when I worked in a pub in London years ago. The man obviously hated anyone that was not English. His shaven head and hard features, said it all. But I am not ashamed of my heritage, I am proud to be mixed blood. I was born in England and most of my blood is English, but for that tiny bit that isn't I celebrate it's culture. The person that left me a message on my children's video saying how they "hate the British People." You cannot hate someone you do not know and living in the past, blaming people for what happened years ago in History is something that makes no sense. What have we got to do with the past? It would be nice if people could think about the children before leaving nasty, hateful messages as they are entitled to use the Internet too. And should be safe and secure when searching for things relating to children's videos and sites.

For all my future family. Stay true to yourself, never pretend you are something your not. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. Always tell the truth and be kind. I know some people can be cruel, and are racist but stand tall. Think of others and make me proud!

Have you got any stories you would love to share about your Nan (Grandmother?)

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Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

I feel so proud that your friend recommended my blog, thank you so much for leaving me a comment. It means the world to get positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

I do not even grasp how I ended up here, however I feel this document was remarkable.I don't know your past but definitely you are going to be a celebrated writer if you aren't already Regards !

In conclusion , permit me thank you for your tolerance with my English as (I am certain you have become aware this by now,), English is not my first language therefore I am utilizing Google Translate to build out what to record what I really plan to state.

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Lovely comments like yours put a big smile one my face, thank you. Your English is very good, don't let anyone tell you differently. May I thank you for taking the time to make a comment about my wonderful Nan and her sewing box. I am thrilled that you enjoyed my writing and even used Google translate. What an honour. Do you write? I am not famous. To be honest although I adore writing, it just does not seem right signing books and pretending I am someone I am not, when there are so many problems in the world that need fixing. For years our family have searched for information and old photographs of Nan's family. Thanks to the Internet and Google I now have copies of my Burmese Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandmother and Great Grandad. My Nan's and her brothers true story will hopefully help put a stop to racism. Although my Nan's Grandmother on her fathers side was French and did not like her Mother -Burmese girl- because of her colour. I don't dislike French people because everyone is different and everyone deserves a chance to shine. People with no money are some of the kindest people in the world! If I could be remembered for anything that would be for making change for our children and keeping them safe. A little bit of compassion goes a long way! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

What a great concise item I actually appreciated it

As a final note , give permission me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I am positive you have become aware this at this moment ,), English is not my mother tongue accordingly I am utilizing Google Translate to build out how to enter what I truly intend to write down .

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