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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Paintings, drawings, ACEO's by Sharon J. Bainbridge author of fairy book Butterfly Lullaby

Here are some of my original hand drawn ACEO's (Art cards.) Some are based on the characters in my Butterfly Lullaby fairy story and others are just fun watercolour drawings/paintings. In the video below you can see some of my big paintings and my very first painting called Trapped in the City which was created using watercolours. I created this painting when I was staying with my Nan in my early 20's.

I am not the best artist that is why I decided to use and create photograph illustrations for my characters in the story book Butterfly Lullaby. Although I did have to hand make all the fairy costumes and hand paint them, which took some time with the huge fairy wings, so some art was used. And the photograph illustrations were all cut out by me and pieced together like a collage. In years to come my family will be able to search for my work and find it easily here on You Tube and Google. That is important to me as my Nan's family history is very sketchy, just wished I had asked her loads of questions when she was alive so I could trace her fathers Mothers family. The name I believe was Miles and they were based in London. Nan had two brothers. She was part Burmese, French and English. Farther English, killed in the war in Burma. Her Mother committed suicide!

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