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Monday, 23 August 2010

Rainbow frog face painting mask with real baby frog as small as an insect by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Here are some pictures of our fun Sunday face painting day. Mummy got her face turned into a frog too, ha ha. I have to admit my frog face painting mask is not brilliant, but I do like my bumblebee one, which is also on my Butterfly Lullaby blog and on You Tube with the tutorial so you can create your own using old make up, lipsticks etc.

And here is a picture of one of our tiny baby frogs, which we grow from tadpoles and let free into the wild. See all our frog videos here on my blog or You Tube. The one of the frog floating on his apple boat is cute.

I will upload the video later so you can copy the rainbow frog face painting mask on your child. Craft glitter is great. We used:

- Craft glitters, as many colours as you can get.
- Old lipsticks, pink, red etc.
- Old Halloween face painting kit with mixed colours - cost £0.99 a few years ago
- Black eyeliner

We would love to see pictures if you try this out. Or even create a better one. I have seen some amazing face painting here on Google and You Tube. Using the correct make up for it, makes it stand out better, something to try later on.

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