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Monday, 23 August 2010

Tiny baby frog as small as an insect - home grown frogs by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Baby frog as small as an insect, home grown from our old paddling pool left outside in the garden.

Tiny baby home grown frogs from just leaving our paddling pool outside for a whole year. A frog must have come into our garden, hence the paddling pool being full of tadpoles. Now we leave an old pool out all year so the frogs can come and go as they like. We bring the tadpoles in using rain water and feed them fish flakes that we used for our old tropical fish. As soon as the tadpoles grow into frogs we set them free back into the wild blackberry bush garden, to hop around with the bumblebees.

See our other blogs for frog face painting and bumblebee face painting using old make up and lipsticks. And if you love frogs make sure you check out our real frog photos and videos on You Tube. They are also here on my blog by Sharon J. Bainbridge from Butterfly Lullaby. Our Bumblebee face painting is better than the frog. Why don't you have a go. Kids love it! Especially if they can paint your face as well. To start with you can just use old make up like I did. Lipsticks, old eye shadows and lip liners are great.

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