Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Today we saved a bumblebee from drowning and gave it some honey to recover and fly again

Today we saved a bumblebee from drowning. I had read somewhere that by giving a bumblebee watered down honey would give them the strength to fly again. And it worked, we saved a bumblebees life!

Here is the cute little bumble bee we saved today, next to the watered down honey:

I saved my sister from getting stung by a bumblebee when we were young children, she panicked and was flapping her arms around, worst thing you could do. So I stepped in and waved the bee away, got stung and poor little thing of course died. If only we were taught back then that a bumblebee will only sting you if they are threatened. I am teaching my little angel to love the bumble bee, she was scared of them at first because her friends are, but now she has began to love this beautiful little creature the way I do. In the video below you can see pictures of our bumblebee pollinating our blackberry plant. And here is our wild garden bird enjoying the blackberry fruits. The little bumblebee song was made up by my little angel.

Our garden is over grown with blackberry plants, which I was going to cut down, but seeing as the bumblebee loves this plant so much I decided to leave them. I have never seen a bee stay on a plant for so long. I also left the wild flowers (weeds) as I noticed the bumble bees seem to like them.

My Nan used to make the most amazing blackberry fool, which is with no doubt my favourite dessert. So thank you little bumblebees for pollinating the blackberry plant, so we can enjoy it's wonderful fruits.

Here is my blackberry fool dessert (pudding.) It is easy to make. All you need is blackberries, double cream, sugar, liquidiser and a sieve. I like to add a little blackberry juice to the fool on top to add colour.

1. Put the blackberries in the liquidiser and add sugar to taste
2. Place the double cream in a bowl (do not use a metal bowl as it will curdle)
3. Sieve the blackberries in a bowl to get rid of all the pips.
4. Add the blackberry juice to the double cream and add more sugar if needed to taste.
5 Whip up and leave in the fridge.

Yum, yum, looking at my picture of the blackberry fool makes me want to nip out and buy some more double cream.

Here is my little bumblebee fairy portrait, which I adore. The little bumblebee fairy is sitting on an apple smiling at the bumblebee flying down to say hello. The little fairy is holding onto her bumblebee doll, an Anne Geddes creation. I have to say she inspired me to create fairy pictures, one of my idols.

P.S. If you love watching wild flying birds, then the blackberry plant comes in handy. Check out my video above and you will see a beautiful wild bird eating one of our blackberries. We need to save the bumblebee so plant as many plants as you can that will attract them to your garden. If my blog has made you think about the bumblebee leave me a message, as I will be really pleased to know that we are all doing our bit to save this wonderful hard working, black and yellow creature that we really need to care for on our planet.

To find out what sort of plants to grow in your garden to help the bumblebees survive, visit this website:

You can also order free bumblebee leaflets from this website to hand out to people. I found out about the bumblebee going extinct from my little angel, thanks to her school.

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Anonymous said...

It took me a while to search on the web, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Laura

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Can I grow my own blackberries? Can't wait to try!
Thanks B.

Sharon J. Bainbridge said...

Yes you can grow your own blackberries. I can always arrange to send out cuttings. Ours is a wild blackberry bush. Birds love it. And my daughter adores the blackberry juice and lollies I make.


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