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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Film Star Michael Douglas turned his head back and smiled at us while I was joking with my little girl on Swansea Seafront

The day we saw that poor girl fall from her bike onto the rocks by Blackpill Bridge (Swansea seafront,) was the same day famous actor Michael Douglas smiled at us.

My little girl had talked me into buying a beach lilo for the outdoor paddling pool along Swansea Seafront near Blackpill Bridge and Mumbles. I was just putting the change away in my purse and she was off as fast as she could to try it out in the children's open air paddling pool. I shouted out to her "that lilo is bigger than you" and laughed. A very handsome, well dressed man turned his head and smiled at us both. Of my gosh, he looked just like actor Michael Douglas, I thought to myself. At the time I thought no it is just a coincidence.

Last night, my friend and I went out to get a take away and we saw a local paper with an article about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and it confirmed they had been here in Swansea when I saw him. When I told my little girl we saw a very famous American film star by the Swansea outdoor paddling pool she said "Mummy I could not see anything as the lilo was so big." Bless!

Then when I told my friend Lyndsey she said "yes, that would have been Michael Douglas." I thought to myself I can see exactly what Catherine Zeta-Jones sees in him. He has a lovely smile, and kind nature about him and is very handsome. When I read that he thinks he has been a bad farther because of his career, I felt so sorry for him. All he was doing was providing for his children. It is not his fault his son got in with the wrong people. I really hope his son pulls himself together and makes his Dad proud as he is lucky to have a farther that cares.

Lyndsey's Mum and Dad go out with Catherine Zeta-Jones parents quite frequently. And Lyndsey went to school with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bony Tyler. Life is never dull here in Swansea!

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