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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How to save the bumblebee - teach children to plant the correct flowers and make a bumblebee house to protect the bees from the cold winter

On Sunday we visited Pontarddulais Garden Centre and asked for advice on how to save the bumblebee. The staff their were very friendly and gave us some interesting information to help save the bumblebee. Viola is meant to be a good plant for the bumblebee, lavender, butterfly plant and many more:

When we got home we made a bumblebee house out of bamboo for the Queen Bee.

Get your children interested in the bumblebees. They usually have garden clubs run by the school, which is an ideal way to learn about this very hard working little creature. Get your children to paint their wellington boots with a bumblebee design. See our blog and video on how to paint a bumblebee using waterproof pen paints.

Here are a couple of websites that can give you more information about how you can do your bit in saving our lovely little bumblebee.



Tell me your bumblebee stories and show me some photographs of your lovely garden, and which plants you find your bumblebee really likes.

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