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Sunday, 12 September 2010

My little girls letter to Tinker Bell the fairy asking her to please give her some fairy dust so she does not grow up

My friends little boy does not want to grow up, especially after going to Disney and playing with Tiger and all the other Disney characters. His one big worry is that his Mummy will grow old and die. So there was no option, she had to ask the fairies to contact Tinker Bell and ask for some fairy dust. They now sprinkle this fairy dust on each other every day to keep them young.

All children seem to have the worry of dying and getting older and losing their loved ones, I know I did. The other day my little girl sat down and wrote a letter to Tinker Bell asking her for fairy dust so she does not have to grow up and can keep me forever. What was a Mum (Mom) to do. I knew there was no way on this earth I could contact Tinker Bell in time for her to deliver the fairy dust that night. So I had to come up with a plan, and here it is in my You Tube video.

Ok so this fairy dust was just a stand in. I have the real fairy dust being delivered by the Butterfly Lullaby fairies next week. They have spoken to Tinker Bell and she is giving my little girl a very special fairy dust bottle with a spoon built into the lid. It is so unique (OOAK) I am going to use this fairy dust at the Universal Children's Day Event in Hastings, where I will be showing some of my Butterfly Lullaby children's stories and pictures. There will also be fairy workshops and fairy party games, fairy songs and dancing. One of the stories includes Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy which is on Amazon (all proceeds our end go to Cystic Fibrosis for this story.) I will also be showing a picture of my Nan and where she came from as she was part Burmese, French and English. It was her sewing box that made me create all my OOAK fairy costumes. Talking of fairy costumes I have to fluke one for this event, or wing it, so need to get my fairy thinking cap on.

Before I go. If you need to create a stand in fairy dust bottle until you can get the real thing, here is what I did. First, find a small bottle to decorate. I used a small food colouring bottle. I filled it with caster sugar and it does sparkle. Just don't let them take it into school as some Smart Alec will say it's salt. The strange thing is the sugar does eventually transform into fairy dust which sparkles silver and gold, so if that is not magic I don't know what is.

As soon as the other real Tinker Bell fairy dust arrives I will show you a picture. Cannot wait to see her little face light up as it will be very special indeed.

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