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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Handmade Cindy Woo bunny rabbit slippers - Snowflakes pet rabbit from Butterfly Lullaby art show

Here is Snowflake wearing my handmade Cindy Woo bunny rabbit slippers. I have to admit her slippers are far better than mine as hers are black like our pet bunny rabbit "Cindy Woo" and look really cute. Check out my previous blog where she is wearing her handmade slippers she created all by herself. There are some pictures of her and Cindy Woo as Witchypoo for Halloween. A rabbit witch with per pet Bunny Rabbit instead of a cat, now theirs a novel idea.

As my sewing machine is broken, I used black wool to sew the bunny rabbit slippers together by hand. They were pretty easy to make, but as all handmade items very time consuming. But hey they put a big smile on my little Angels face. If you want to find out how I made these cute little children's slippers leave me a note. I will need some persuading as life is pretty hectic, so the more good comments left the better. I would like to remake these bunny rabbit slippers using black fur fabric instead of the purple.

Thanks to everyone locally who put money in the Cystic Fibrosis Charity Box, I sent Cystic Fibrosis a cheque last week for approximately £27 (can't remember the exact figure.) I also sent them a cheque for approximately 20 Butterfly Lullaby book sales. Remember to support Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story as all the money from this audio story on Amazon and I Tunes goes to Cystic Fibrosis, no money taken out our end for expenses!

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