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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Handmade Pudsey Bear for Sale for Children in need - made by Sharon J. Bainbridge from Butterfly Lullaby

I stayed up till 12.00pm last night making my little 8 inch OOAK Pudsey Bear for Children in need. He has his own little Butterfly Wings so he can fly to children to help them when they are sick and need him. I really want to make him a little waistcoat so his wings can be detached.
The above handmade Pudsey Bear is hand sewn with blanket stitch and made out of bright yellow felt. The Butterfly Wings are hand painted in places. I feel a little sad that life is so hectic that I could not have planned this earlier as I feel I have probably missed the boat re trying to sell him for Children in need. With the amount of bad luck I have it may be safer to get Children in need or someone else to sell him for me. But I want all the money to go to the charity with no expenses taken out. Any offers! Can't get to my email at the moment. I seriously need a guardian angel to watch over me as life on the net is no fun for this little Butterfly.  But I have to say thank you to Google as nearly all my work comes up on the front page. Thanks for your support Google!

Yesterdays post.....

Little Snowflake wanted a real Pudsey Bear, but as Daddy did not want to drive all the way to Asda's I had no choice but to make one. I tried Tesco's and Boots but Boots had sold out and Tesco's do their own thing.
Well in a panic I got Jakson Lee to drive me over to Dunelm Mill. I picked up some yellow felt and other felt colours and here is our little homemade Pudsey Bear. I cannot sell the original one I made for little Snowflake, but I will make another one tonight, especially for children in need. I was going to put the bear on Ebay, but seeing as it is asking me for my credit card details and messing me around again, decided to just ask for people to bid by email to orders@butterflylullaby.co.uk and for the winning bidder to make a cheque made out to Children in Need (Sterling Pounds.) I will upload a picture of the finished bear later tonight. The one below took me three hours to make and is 8 inches high. The winning bidder will get an OOAK Pudsey Bear, which will be different from the rest. Who knows he may even have angel or fairy wings.

Walking to school little Snowflake got lots of lovely comments. She looks as cute as a picture. My friend made some Pudsey Bear cakes so I had to get a picture of them too. And don't you just love little Snowflakes drawing of Pudsey Bear in the picture below:

Pudsey Bear goes for a ride in Little Snowflakes dressing gown pocket to school!

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