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Sunday, 28 November 2010

How to train a dragon Toothless the dragon mask handmade by Sharon J. Bainbridge and worn by Snowflake from Butterfly Lullaby

I have been meaning to put this handmade Toothless the dragon mask on my Butterfly Lullaby blog for ages. Snowflake was even tempted to wear it to her Halloween party. But we had one missing thing, and that was the costume to go with it. If I was not working I would have been able to make her the costume, but sadly life as a Mum (Mom) is far from easy, especially if your partner plays online X-Box.

Snowflake is expecting a Toothless the Dragon huge soft toy. On my salary I cannot afford to buy her one of those, so I have no option but to try and make one and somehow find the time to do it. It seriously makes me laugh the way some men expect women to work, cook, clean, do the garden and look after the kids while they sit back relax and play their stupid online X-Box. I am one pee ed off Mummy! But one day I will earn from Butterfly Lullaby and then this little dragon will breathe fire!

Later today I hope to add a You Tube video of little Snowflake the little child artist drawing Toothless the dragon. For all you struggling Mum's (Mom's) out their that are taken for granted. Fight back, don't be a doormat, I am going to fight tooth and nail to get the life my child and I deserve.

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