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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sad song Christmas is dead don't drink and drive - balloon sent to heaven with children's message to parents

Little child artist Snowflake and I (Sharon J. Bainbridge) created the lyrics to the song Christmas is dead don't drink and drive. Snowflake came up with No presents from Mum, No presents from Dad, which I think are brilliant lyrics. Snowflakes Daddy, Jakson Lee, created the Melody and his voice is simply beautiful. I hope to get a video of them singing the song together as a duet. This is a school homework project. See video of Jakson Lee singing the song live:

Quick update: Last night we recorded little Snowflake (child artist) singing her song Christmas is dead don't drink and drive. I am so proud of her, not only is she a great little artist who can draw amazing pictures, but she also has a beautiful little voice like her Daddy Jakson Lee. Qualifications are not everything, some people are just born gifted, we need to embrace that and take the pressure off children:

Here is little Snowflakes artwork, I love the balloons she has created with the messages to heaven sent by Holly an Sam to their parents. Thanks to Monica, Snowflakes friends Mum for giving me the idea of the balloons. She sends messages to her Mum and their pet dog every year, which I find so touching and would make a wonderful story.

Here are the lyrics to Christmas is dead don't drink and drive (sad Christmas song)

Holly and Sam
Tears in their eyes
No Mum and Dad
Christmas is sad
No presents from Mum
No presents from Dad
No love for them
Christmas is dead
Balloon to the sky
Sparkles and shines
Tear drops alive
Don't drink and drive
We miss you Mum
We miss you Dad
No love for us
Christmas is DEAD

Stay safe this Christmas for your children's sake. My Nan was an orphan and had a very sad life. Children need their Mum's and Dad's more than you know. Have a wonderful Christmas and long happy life! Lucky for me Jakson Lee does not drink.

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