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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Snowflake little child artist sings rain is falling all around - English version

Snowflake is a little child artist who has the most amazing ability to create unique works of art, she started drawing at the very young age of 2 years old. Her pet rabbit Cindy Woo will soon join her as she would like to teach 5 year olds art and crafts. Last night she said to me "Mummy, I want to be famous."

On You Tube Snowflake has had over 2,600 hits on her original drawing, the flower alien:

She takes after her farther, Jakson Lee, with her lovely singing voice. Below you can hear her sing Rain is falling all around. Celyn is being baptised this month and Snowflake has been asked to sing as a special surprise. They have been the best of friends since nursery.

Here are some of Snowflakes other pictures and creations:

I love Snowflakes Little Miss Tea Party drawings she created. She would love the Mr Men to create a story for this character.

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