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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Party booking - know the Terms and Conditions re cancellation by colleagues, which are meant to be common law and businesses do not have to tell you about!

I am going to make this short but sweet. If you organise your Christmas Party for your work colleagues, make sure you get the full money up front before going ahead with the booking (never mess around with deposits,) that includes the taxi fare.

Things happen, you cannot help health problems, but sadly venues do not see this and the law is on their side. Ask the venue for their Terms and Conditions, so you can show them in black and white that if they cannot attend for any reason they will lose all their money! 

Trading Standards told me I should know the law. Well not only did I not know the law, but neither did any of my work colleagues or their husbands who are quite high up in the Council. We were all of the opinion that they would lose their deposit, but not have to pay for the whole meal due to illness. A business is just that and should make things clear when booking a Christmas Party etc, it saves little people being treated like a doormat! So if any businesses read this, and you want returning customers, make sure you make it very clear that once booked there is not going back and money will not be refunded!

On a funny note did you know that Mr Lazy PJ's for men have all sold out. There must be a lot of lazy men out their, I've got one of them, te he. I prefer to call mine Lazy X Box, what do you call yours?

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