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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Cindy Woo was Snowflakes Christmas present last year (2009) - she loves her pet bunny rabbit

Last Christmas we got Little Snowflake a baby dwarf bunny rabbit. Cindy Woo is part dwarf and part something else a bit of mixed bunny rabbit. In the video below you will see pictures of Cindy Woo in the snow (January 2010) with her little handmade bunny rabbit red Christmas lead, which I made out of an old red velvet top and black wool. Snowflake nagged me to make her little baby rabbit a lead! There is also a little video clip of Cindy Woo when she was just a little baby bunny rabbit, so cute. And of course at the end of the video you will see a very sweet silk painting of Cindy Woo in the snow created by little child artist Snowflake.

Here is little Snowflake and her pet bunny rabbit Cindy Woo (our snow bunny.) We made a snow bunny last year and a snow cat.

I have just finished making Snowflakes dress from an old white ballet dress. I used her paper snowflakes as a pattern to create pretty snowflakes that float at the bottom of the dress. Will upload a video or pictures later this week.

For now I have to get my act together as she wants a big Toothless the Dragon toy. I only have a week to make one without her knowledge. And I have to change a Zhu Zhu Pet toy into Cindy Woo our pet bunny rabbit as they don't sell a black rabbit Zhu Zhu pet toy yet. I have written to them so with some fairy luck who knows Cindy Woo may become famous. Wish me luck!

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