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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Little Snowflake child artist showing you how she makes a little snowflake out of paper

In the video below you can see my little girl Snowflake making a little snowflake out of paper. I personally feel she is amazing and even my friends think she is a gifted child when it comes to art, crafts and singing. The big snowflake on her head, which looks like a Sunflower she also made herself.

One of her snowflakes looks like a tortoise, I cannot even make a snowflake out of a normal size piece of paper so to me this is brilliant, especially for her age.

I am busy making her snowflake dress, which I have used her paper snowflakes as a template. Keep watching and let me know what you think.

Snowflake hates reading and finds school work difficult so any support with her gift would be so appreciated. She now sings her school book instead of reading, which to be honest is far more interesting. In the above video you can hear her singing a song we wrote together to do with a school project. The children were asked to create posters to stop people drinking and driving. As an arty family we plugged together, Snowflake and I (Sharon J. Bainbridge) came up with the lyrics and Daddy (Jakson Lee) created the Melody and music. The Christmas song is here on my blog and on You Tube. It is a sad Christmas song but hopefully it will make people think before drinking and driving. I saw a very sad video on You Tube about a poor girl who you cannot even recognise as the same person. She lost her eye, her fingers and it just bought tears to me eyes. I will most certainly be putting anyone off drinking and driving. The person that hit her has to live with it and wishes he could take it all back. The pubs should put her poster up as it would honestly make people think twice.

On a happy note. We will be back with how to make Christmas Decorations of your pet etc.

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