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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snowflake child artist sings Little Snowflake song in the snow - no school today (17.12.10)

Here is child artist Little Snowflake with her Snowflake mask on in the snow singing her Little Snowflake song. I created the Little Snowflake song to promote her art and crafts. Snowflake would rather stay at home with me than go to school, but today was toy day so she was a little disappointed there was no school!

Little Snowflake made a tortoise snowflake, don't you think this snowflake is one of a kind (OOAK.) Ok it was no doubt a total fluke, but lets face it for her age she is amazing at art and crafts.

Here is a video of Little Snowflake making a tiny baby snowflake and helping her friend Finn. The big Snowflake on her head is one she also made herself. These two children make an amazing double act. If I had the money I would create a tv show with them doing art and crafts.

I took a picture of Finn when he was four and I think you will agree he looks like a little boy version of James Dean. The leather jacket, motorbike and amazing blond hair, he just looks so cool! I am totally shocked that Kinder Egg did not pick him for their add through the Mark Jermin Stage School. They wanted someone cheeky, cute and chatty which cries out Finn! What do you think?

Today was great fun, we went up to Hendy where my friends friend lives and slid down his very large hill. We all got covered in snow, and the children had a ball. I cannot remember seeing so much snow in the UK for years. Who knows we may get a White Christmas!

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