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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Email address to report spam emails to action fraud email@actionfraud.org.uk and remember nothing in life is free when it comes to money - keep safe

Time for us to all fight back and report all spam fraud emails and post. Watching the BBC news this morning was music to my ears re being able to report spam emails. At last justice for the people!

How many of us get spam bank emails saying you have opened up an account. When I talked to my bank about this they said there is no way they send emails, so keep that in mind. These fraud people want you to check where the email has come from so they can get your details. Never, ever disclose your bank details to anyone! Never believe anything is free, which is sad as there are some good people out there. Once you reply to a spam email or spam post you will be put on the suckers list and every con person out in the world will get your details and you have had it. One old lady got ripped off for £50,000, don't let that happen to your family.

Forward all your spam emails to:

To read more about reporting fraud emails and fraud post:

Tell your friends to stop sending you emails that are meant to be good luck, which you have to forward onto all your other friends. This is a con. No email is going to give you good luck! What it will do is give you a nasty virus.

Another thing re fortune tellers. No one can tell your future. If they could they would be living in a house by the beach and not needing to work because they would have won the lottary. My friend used to spend a fortune on fortune tellers and every single one told her a different story. Don't let them rip you off. These days I don't trust anyone, except my very close friends. Be on guard, report fraud and lets make this world a better, safer place for everyone!

P.S. I know of a very big company that got ripped off. They were contacted by some web person saying that they noticed there website had been hacked and offered to sort it out at a very big price. So message to all the spoof people that send me emails - don't waste your time!

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