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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

How to draw a cheese pirate by Little Snowflake child artist - Butterfly Lullaby art show

Here is Little Snowflake child artist Cheese Pirates. Below this picture you can view a video of this very young artist showing you how to draw one of these cute little cheese pirate characters, based on her very own original designs.

If you look at my previous blog you will see a video on how to draw a Bread Pirate. And Little Snowflakes Moron the Carrot drawing animated with her voice (Moron Welsh for Carrot,) along with other vegetable pirates and lots more to come.

Don't forget school dinners these days are brilliant for kids and parents. Give them a try!

Dragon Welsh Cheese is used in the schools! This cheese is so amazing I want to get hold of some for home.
Caws - Welsh for cheese.

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