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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mother, Cleaner, Worker, Cook, Teacher - SLAVE TO MEN! One fed up Mummy

As you can see from the picture I am pretty fed up. Don't get me wrong I just adore being a Mum (Mom,) but honestly, unless you have a really good man that does things around the house and helps out with the kids us women are worse off now than we have ever been. We go to work, cook, clean, teach our children and then what, when do we get time to chill out. It especially annoys me when I get back from work to see the dishes still in the sink and he tells me that it is his day off. When do we get a day off that is what I want to know. Seriously I think you will agree our friends treat us better than men do. Mine most certainly do, that is for sure. All I want is some respect and for a man to realise that we deserve a break too while they are playing stupid X Box. I drew and painted the above ACEO about a year or so ago. It is on the video below, which I joke about, along with the one that says I used to be tidy then I met you! You have to giggle as otherwise you would cry your eyes out. I just wish he would throw that X Box out and do his music, as that is a gift not to be wasted on some silly game!

Little Snowflake read the rest of her school book today. I made her laugh as she hates reading with a passion. But she loves stories and creating stories. I guess she has taken after me in more ways than one as I used to hate doing school work at home. All I wanted to do was draw and play with my friends, just like her. Because of my Asthma and other home problems I was off school a lot, and we had that awful ITA I think it was called, a new thing in the 70's, which was so bad they scraped it. It certainly confused me that's for sure. I did not achieve a lot at school, but when I left that was when I really shone. So I am not worried about Little Snowflake as she is one gifted little girl who will go far.

For me it is time for the Phrase don't tell tales to be scraped. I hate it! Basically children that are getting bullied and are trying to get support are told off for telling the truth, instead of the bullies being punished.
Not all children tell lies, some may get a little confused with what is real and what is not. But then is that any wonder when children are told off for telling the truth. How can a child respect or trust an adult when they say one thing then lie and tell the children off for telling the truth. Some adults need to sit in the corner with the dunce's hat on! I am one very cross Mummy. We need more child protection support!

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