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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Welsh Vegetable Pirates drawn by Little Snowflake child artist - teaching Mummy how to speak Welsh

Now I am working at the Welsh School I feel it is time for me to learn Welsh. What better way than by getting Little Snowflake to draw me some very cute Welsh Vegetable Pirates. I just adore Moron the Welsh Carrot, Bresych the Welsh Cabbage and Brocoli the Welsh Broccoli. The Pea Pirates are cute too inside the giant pirate pea pod (Peis.) Cornmely's the Sweetcorn Pirate has lots of pretend swords. School dinners are only £1.90 a day. Brilliant value - support our schools and Mum's working in the school canteen by getting your children to have a good healthy hot dinner every day! Little Snowflake loves school dinners.

If your children don't eat vegetables, there is a great way to add them to your meals with my Nan's wonderful gravy recipe. If you are cooking meat add a bit of the cooked fat to the gravy for extra flavour. Little Snowflake loves my gravy, so give it a try. Proud to say she loves peas and carrots and does not like chips.

Time to spend some time with my little girl now. She is not feeling well again, very sick last night and not too good today either. So time for Mummy to sit down and do some drawing with her little girl.

Lets all please do our bit to save the bumblebee as they are the reason we have fruit and vegetables. Let me know how you all get on with planting lots of bumblebee friendly plants.

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