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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Happy Mothers Day he's going to be on a Sainsbury's advert - I knew he had talent!

Today I got some amazing news from one of my best friends. Her son has been picked for a Sainsbury's advert. How excited am I, that has made my Mother's day! I knew he had talent. Here are some photographs I have taken of him, so watch out UK this little boy is going to be one big star!

Here he is in his little Welsh costume. I love this picture as it mixes the English Victorian costume with the Welsh. The second video of him as Little James Dean on a motorbike, when he was just four years old. And the third video of him in my fairy story called Colour me a fairies wish read out by a famous children's TV entertainer.

But something that really makes my day is having a wonderful cup of tea in my fantastic porcelain cup with my little girls character she created called Little Miss Tea Party. I am one lucky Mummy to have such a talented little girl. Makes life just that little bit more interesting. Want to know where I got this gorgeous little cup printed? Want to create your own porcelain cup design? Just leave me a message on my Butterfly Lullaby blog. Daddy's this is the perfect gift for any Mummy. Either a picture of their child's drawing or a photo of them on a cup. You just cannot go wrong!

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