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Friday, 1 April 2011

Mother like daughter Happy Mother's Day Mummy scrapbook layout by Sharon J. Bainbridge Butterfly Lullaby

I was just going through some old photos and came across my Mother like daughter layout. I adore these two baby pictures. She looks the mirror image of me when I was a little baby. Why don't you surprise your Mum with a special scrapbook layout of you and your Mum (Mom) as babies, a Mother's day gift to treasure forever!

I photographed the two photos and created a digital image. Stuck that to some old black paper and added sliver sticky butterflies and hearts. I also added the original photograph of me as a baby with two of my uncles.

Looking through the photographs I came across a gorgeous little drawing my little girl did a few years ago with "I love you Mummy" on it. It also says I hop(e) you still love me. When I read the back she had created the drawing two years ago and back then I was struggling to get her to read her book as she would rather draw than read. Bless her! She even writes on the door how much she loves me. I am one lucky Mummy who cannot wait for Mother's Day to tell my little one just how much she means to me. I keep nearly every drawing she creates because I just adore her art work and it will be such a wonderful thing for her to look back on and show her children.

Another idea for Mother's day is type up a little chore list to give Mummy a break, one that you can put on the fridge. Daddy's all around the world should help Mummy's do the washing up and tidy up as we have to work too. I will see if I can type one up and put it on my blog, really some men need some sort of training, te he. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummy's out their.

Friday before Mother's Day picked my little one up from school and both my friend and I have had floods of tears from both our children. Their class had all made lovely Mother's Day cards and it was meant to be a surprise for Mothering Sunday. Her little friend, who happens to be the son of one of my best friends who has just been picked for a Sainsbury's add, was so excited that he showed my friend her Mother's Day card. And oh dear, both our girls started to cry their eyes out saying "it was meant to be a surprise." My little one is still crying now and it has been over half an hour. Just sent Daddy out with her to buy something for me for Mother's Day to stop her crying, retail therapy works every time. Bless her! It is so lovely to be loved so much by your child, what a very lucky Mummy I am. And I am looking forward to our wonderful adventure together in the future where I hope to show her the world.

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