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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Poor Little Snowflake child artist - no art class for you! Don't worry sweetie pie Mummy will sort it!

I feel so sorry for our schools, they are under so much pressure to make children learn from such a very young age and to make sure that they leave school with qualifications to get a good job, so we can get this Country back on it's feet. Problem is calling Mum's in from work to change their child because they have wet themselves is not really the way to go about it! Mum's should be given opportunities to work online and find real jobs through Government run Job Centres so they do not get ripped off and can work from home around their children, instead of the way it is at the moment. Children are our future we need to protect them and make learning fun. Talking about fun. Why is it that my little girl only has an art class once a week for one part of the term only? She and others should be getting a fun art class every single week, because art is why some children want to go to school. There is no way I would blame the school for this, but I do feel the Government need to really work as a team with everyone so we can make the UK the Country it should be.

As you can see from the picture I left the 's' off finds because being dyslexic I miss these things sometimes. I am very proud to be dyslexic, there are some amazing famous people with dyslexia who have outshone those with qualifications!  I am a creative person, which makes me far more understanding of others and for me pressure on a child is not the key to success!

As a Mother, I agree we need to all encourage our children to learn and do well in life. But sadly not all children have an amazing memory so they can pass all these exams. I am friends with all the Mothers and some Fathers at my little girls school and 99% of them agree with me that children these days are not entitled to a childhood! It is learn, learn, learn from the day they are born. They have to stand up in class and read in front of everyone and do maths in front of everyone. For children with a good memory, not a problem. But for those children that were not blessed with a good memory they SUFFER! And being made fun of and being made to feel stupid is not the way to get a child to want to go to school and learn. Pressure, pressure, pressure for schools to perform and the inspections are not helping our kids or our teachers! I am just thankful my little girl now has an amazing teacher who is understanding and helpful. I have a lot to thank the school for, they need all the support they can get and I hope one day I will be able to be in a situation to do more.

Qualifications for everything is putting the average person out of work! We need qualifications for certain jobs of course. But not every single job. I was told by a lady that teaches writing that a local man used to teach woodwork sculpting for something like 30 years. He had made amazing things for DISNEY. All of a sudden he was told he needed a teachers qualification to teach. So now we have lost a very important teacher who was an asset to our Country, just because he did not have a stupid qualification. You  do not need a qualification to teach art.
My friends call Little Snowflake Little Rolf Harris because she draws so quickly and have tried to get hold of Rolf to send her a little message of support.  Rolf if you read this, please make her day and tell her she is not useless and is actually an extremely talented little girl who deserves to have an art class once a week to brighten up the hum drum of learning, which she finds difficult.

My success story is the following. I left school with no qualifications. I had very bad Asthma as a child, which meant lots of time off school. Other bad things happened, but that is another story. Being a creative person I managed to switch off from the bad things and just concentrate on the good. I lived a wonderful fantasy world with real friends and adventures and a loving Mum who sadly did not have the life she deserved. My Step Farther, Nan's and Aunt and Uncles were our strength.

I left school with no qualifications. Not even art! My memory is awful, but I am a hard worker and never give up. I did some sort of Government Scheme in Graphics, but I found it too complicated as I need to be shown what to do, as that is the way my brain works. When I got a job in a local pub with no experience or qualifications I taught myself to add up the drinks and got very good at it. I used to have fun shopping for food because I could work out exactly what I could afford. The punters loved me because I was bubbly and fun. They would come in every day and night just to see what my make up was like and what I was wearing. I made a lot of my clothes in the old days because I wanted to wear wacky stuff. After a year I got fed up because I wanted to party and pubs make you work weekends. My Uncle offered me a job in London working for him. I taught myself to type using the telex machine. Worked very long hours as I had to commute from my Nan's and only got paid £25 a week. I was also expected to give my Nan money out of that rubbish salary. But hey ho it was experience. After years of working for him and never getting the promised salary I was meant to, my friends convinced me to leave and I eventually got a job with an amazing Architectural Firm. The one thing I loved about this company and still do is that their policy is team work makes a better work life and gives everyone a chance. To cut a long story short I worked my may from reception to Managing Directors secretary. I owned a flat in Wimbledon with my ex and a flat in Kent. I own my own house in Wales. I am one determined women who believes if you work hard, you can achieve anything. The only thing holding me back now is that I have a real commitment to my child and I want to be the best Mum I can be, by giving her my time and finding work that fits around her. A child that is loved will grow up to be a successful adult.

I will not be a victim, I am going to fight for my rights and for the rights of other Mother's and children.

Progress already, for the first time ever we are having a family Butterfly Lullaby art day. Daddy X Box has put his game away at last. Well done love re the standing ovation last night at your gig!

Excuse any spelling and grammer errors. Mr ADHD X Box wants his computer back.


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