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Monday, 7 March 2011

Thank you Google love from Little Snowflake Child Artist - Team work makes a better world you are our No.1 search engine

Google Little Snowflake has a very important message for you. She loves you! Thank you for supporting Little child artists and Mum's all over the world. Team work makes a better world! Google gives little people who have no money a voice and a chance in life.

Little Snowflakes Google song. She made this song up on the spot. I had to write the word Google for her so she could spell it out. Mummy is so impressed, well done sweetie pie!

Here is Little Snowflake saying thank you to Google for showing all her work on the Internet. We love you Google you are our No.1 search engine!

A message to Mum's (Mom's) all over the world. We need to fight for our rights and for our children's rights. Join with me and make this world a safer and better world for our children. They are our future! Do not let anyone harm them or take their childhood away. Stand tall and stand firm! And make sure their childhood is a happy one that they will remember forever.

P.S. I will be starting a FREE CHILDREN'S ART GROUP in Pontarddulais, Swansea, Wales (UK.) I need helpers and a free room. You can contact me, Sharon J. Bainbridge, either through Google or Facebook. Team work will create jobs at home for Mum's (Mom's) so they can be with their children. I already hold a CRB check from the local school I work in, but will need another one for Butterfly Lullaby and helpers will need one too.Thank you!


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