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Friday, 15 April 2011

I am English and I rise my dishes - but does my dishwasher rise with fresh clean water?

My question is, do all dishwashers rinse the dishes with clean water? I have this really bad feeling that they don't and if that is the case then we are all subject to chemical poisoning and eating off dishes that have not been cleaned properly because they have not been rinsed!

Although I rinse my dishes at home, I have come across so many British people that do not rinse the dishes. Surely this is a health and safety issue and they need to be educated that actually it is not safe to eat food off a plate that has not been rinsed! I don't think I have seen one washing up advert that actually shows the person rinsing the dishes.On the bottle of washing up liquid it clearly states that the liquid should not be digested. So why do people think it is safe? And why do people think that washing up in dirty water because it is hot water is ok? I think it is time the people making and selling these washing up products print clearly that you need to rinse your dishes.

Here is an English person showing how to wash up properly. Nice to see a man that rinses the dishes. Well done!

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