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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mummy and me child's picture and handmade card Happy Mother's day for Mothering Sunday

To all the Mummies in the world "HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY!"

I hope you are all are having a wonderful Mothering Sunday. On Friday my little girl cried her eyes out because her friend spoilt the surprise of the handmade Mother's Day card by accident "it's a boy thing, te he."
She made the gorgeous card at school with cut out paper flowers and chocolates. I just adore the picture she drew of us called "Mummy and me!" I feel some of her art has that Picasso feel. I love the swirls she has used for the hair and skirt. Stunning! This is a drawing to treasure forever and one I will scrapbook. It reminds me of the photo my Dad took of us when she was just a couple of months old. I don't look as glamorous as this drawing. I guess every Mummy is a Princess in their child's eyes!

I got some lovely Mummy presents. The scented candle Twinkle Twinkle, Mum's Mug with lovely words, a money box and cactus. She also brought me a very special pen with Sharon on it, which I adore. Sharon A kind and patient person. Maybe the name Sharon is not so bad after all. Just my luck the Essex Girls are now a programme on TV, ha ha. I wonder if they have the Sharon and Tracey jokes on their? I have to admit back in the eighties I did wear white high heals and danced around my handbag. But worse than that is yet to come ...

Well Mummies do you want a giggle? This Mummy was a teenager in the days of Boy George. I even had a friend called George who looked just like him. He dated Paul McCartney's daughter before going out with one of my best friends, I lived in Hastings back then. Here is Mummy in the days before Mummy-hood. The photo's she wanted to hide from the world and especially from her child, as lets face it how am I going to say "you are not going out looking like that!" When she has evidence of me looking like this:

My excuse was, well it was the 80's. And back then my face was my canvas and I used to make my own wild clothes too. Leave me a message on my blog, if you would like to see some photos. Let's face it I was different!

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