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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Can you afford stage school for your child? And all the let downs!

My friends child is now going to stage school. She cannot afford it but his Grandma wanted to pay, which is sweet. I have always said this boy has serious talent and looks like a mini little James Dean.

I felt so sorry for him when he had to eat nearly 24 sausages for filming for a big Supermarket chain. I will not mention their name, but "shame on them." Seriously how can you make a child eat 24 sausages until he is sick and then not show it on TV. It is verging on child a-----
Sadly this is how badly some people with power and money act. They really do not care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. They were under the impression that he was definitely going to be shown on telly, so can you imagine how disappointed he was.

Here is a picture I created of him when he was just four years old.

And he is in the video below of Hei Mistar Urdd, which is shown on Welsh TV! I wish him lots of luck as he is a little star in the making. My child wants to be on telly too like most kids. But that takes lots and lots of money and you have to be sort of rich to go to Stage School, or have family that can help out.

With some fairy luck I will find a children's art gallery to promote my child's work as she is so talented she deserves it. I cannot wait to read the write up about her t-shirt design of famous toy characters. It is great when your kids take an interest in the arts, makes you feel so proud.

Why does everything in this life take loads of money? Well at least my Google blog is free. Thank goodness for that!

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