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Monday, 30 May 2011

Gold and silver ballet shoes hand painted by Sharon J. Bainbridge from Butterfly Lullaby

I created the same sort of hand painted ballet shoes for my little girl when she danced to our Butterfly Lullaby song at the Enchanted Manor in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the American company the Kirks Folly, expect the ones the Butterfly Princess wore were hand painted in silver with a hint of fairy glitter. Let me know what you think of the hand painted gold ballet shoes:

Here are a pair of silver hand painted ballet shoes without the fairy glitter:

I still feel very sad that the Cyber Bullies managed to destroy nearly all my videos of the Fairy Tea party held at the Enchanted Manor back in 2009. I wonder if Google have still got a copy of the Butterfly Princess dancing to our original Butterfly Lullaby song? Here is Jakson Lee, my partner, singing Butterfly Kisses at the Enchanted Manor, a song guaranteed to make you cry.

At least we have some happy memories and my little girl got to draw with famous fairy artist Josephine Wall, and we are lucky enough to have kept the sketch which we will treasure forever! Bob, Josephine's husband really made a fuss of her she still talks about Bob and wishes she could see them both again.

I don't know if you recently saw the TV programme where three bed and breakfast companies were competing against each other. Just want to say well done to Maggie and Ric from the Enchanted Manor for winning. They work so hard and there Bed and Breakfast is just pure luxury with a wonderful family welcome!

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