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Sunday, 29 May 2011

How to make an ACEO art card box the Butterfly Lullaby way

If you collect or create art cards (ACEO's) it is quite nice to be able to put them in a sweet little art card box, especially if you can make it and decorate it yourself. Here is my original art card ACEO box I designed using my very own techniques:

All you need is mount card, pretty wool, big needle, ruler, craft knife, glue stick and hole punch (optional permanent black marker pen.) I have covered the mount card with images from my Butterfly Lullaby book, but you can use any images or even paint and decorate the box yourself. My template for the ACEO art card Box is just below this video:

To save the ACEO art card box template just click on the image below, save and print on A4 paper.

Happy crafting everyone. And I would love to see any of your ACEO art card boxes based on my craft idea. Leave a message or send me a link to your blog and add me as a friend!

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