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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Poppy flower hand painted on silk by Sharon J. Bainbridge from Butterfly Lullaby

After watching Don McLean on TV last night and listening to his song Vincent again it made me go upstairs and dig out an old silk painting I did of three red poppies. It is based on a photograph I took of the poppies in my garden. I played around with the photograph in Photoshop and it created splashes of beautiful colours, pink, lime green and yellow. The silver glitter looks like stars, which reminded me of the song Vincent, stary stary night.

"Flaming flowers that brightly blaze" these words from the song Vincent can only describe the stunning fields of poppies painted by Vincent Van Gogh. I just adore his poppy paintings! I wonder how many artists out their think to them self that their art will never be discovered in this life time like Van Gogh. That thought crosses my mind all the time. But I hold warmth in my heart knowing that I enjoyed every minute creating all my paintings, fairy costumes and photographs. I cannot stick to one thing because I am like a butterfly that floats from one thing to another.

I dedicate the video of the song Empty chairs by Don McLean to all the unknown artists. Keep dreaming and keep painting!

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