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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

School children cried don't sell our butterfly meadow story

Here is a little not for profit story I created in the hope that it helps save Pontarddulais Primary School butterfly meadow and sports field.  The story is called "School children cried don't sell our butterfly meadow!"


Little Berry ran out of school sobbing. She cried "don't sell our school butterfly meadow." Repeating these words over and over until her tear drops had flooded her eyes that she could no longer see. As her arms touched the long grass and wild flowers she felt a sense of ease. Looking back at her friends who were also crying, she stood for a moment and started to whisper "don't worry my butterfly friends, I will save you."

A vision of colour swept the meadow as the butterflies circled the little girl and flew around her one at a time. She started to feel dizzy and lost her footing. Suddenly she was nowhere to be seen.

The children ran to the meadow to look for her, calling her name. But not a whisper or any movement could be heard. Then before their very eyes they saw thousands of butterflies appear from the long grass. It was as if they were pulling something. "That is not something cried Ocean that is Berry." Beautiful sighed Holly as she noticed the Blackberry flower dress Berry was now wearing.

As the butterflies flew Berry high above the school butterfly meadow, her new white wings shimmered in the light and she laughed "they may take our butterfly meadow, but they will not destroy our butterflies." Off they flew leaving the caterpillars and butterfly eggs behind them.


Every year the school organises a walk to school week to promote fitness. Their school field is an essential part of school life and healthy living. I believe Pontarddulais Primary school came 2nd in a big football or rugby competition. Seriously well done guys. Coming second is just as good as coming first! Although I am not a big sports fan, I do know how important keeping fit and active is. The butterfly meadow is equally important for all our children's future. We need bumblebees and butterflies to sustain our environment. We must protect them and give our children the childhood they so deserve! I read that farmers could help the decline of bumblebees if they stopped cutting the grass and planted flower meadows. So that just shows how important the school butterfly meadow is!

Please show your support and join the Facebook Group called

When magazines and papers fail you Google and Facebook are great ways to get your message across.
Here is a message I got from Carmen Gill who is a Realtor in Virginia:

I'm a Realtor in Virginia and reading this. I wonder if the current owner would be interested if possible in placing it under some form of a conservation easement via establishing a non-profit to encourage further studies, most particularly based on the past educational benefits for the children and I'm sure therapeautic benefits. I love butterflies so this really grabbed my attention. It just seems to me they would want to do something like this rather than selling it.

Thank you! Any support and compassion will be much appreciated. And I will leave you with a little bumblebee video I created last year.

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