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Monday, 31 October 2011

Children come first - what do you think?

1. Do you put your children first?

2. Are children as resilient as people like to think they are when it comes to their parents splitting up?

3. Did your parents split up? How did it effect you?

4. Did one of your parents cheat on the other? What are your feelings on this?

I don't know any women that have cheated on their partner, but sadly I have come across a lot of cheating men.

There are obviously some good men. My Step Dad is one of them. If you have an amazing husband or partner leave a comment and give us hope that when our children grow up that they will not end up unhappy like some of their mothers.

China has the right idea when it comes to looking after their children! UK is lagging far behind, make British Mothers proud and lets bring back family values for our children's sake.


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