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Sunday, 23 October 2011

London Mum's have compassion thank you England

Thank you London Mums Magazine for your compassion and for shinning down some light on my four year nightmare. Teamwork is everything to make our world a better place. I was starting to feel ashamed to be English because of the Rugby and all the politics that goes with it. The Rugby sadly shows how much some Countries hate England and other Countries and that makes me sad because not everyone that is English, German, French etc is bad. And this is not teaching our children morals! You get good and bad people from every nationality and we need to try and leave history behind us and move on. My Nan was punished for being mixed race in England and thankfully times have changed, but there is still room for more love and less hate. I wish I could solve the puzzle of what happened to my Nan's Mum and find her Burmese family.  

I certainly inherited my Nan's strength which has kept me off the happy pills. The lady from Myanmar Burma), women leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is my hero. She stands up for her people and never gives up. If we had someone like this in the UK, who put love before money, we would get out of this recession. 

The one thing I adore about London Mums Magazine website is the drawing on their website, it shows London as multicultural with Mums and their children, mixing together and being kind to each other. Isn't this the world we all want for our children? I know that I do and I want my little girl to grow up being proud to be British and seeing Scotland, Wales and England working together as a team. My little girls school used to share the school field with the Welsh school, adults and politics = no school field and goodbye butterflies. Teamwork should be taught in all schools with the values of sharing and being kind to each other is essential.

This is a painting I did many years ago of how I felt I was trapped in the City on a low wage. A slave to making tea and typing for pennies. My Aunts husband from Pakistan seemed to have lost his way. Money had changed him! Thankfully I left and got to work for a decent English boss, who gave me a chance to shine. The thing is some people do lose their way when it comes to money. It is like some sort of disease. But the lesson is everyone is different so lets stop blaming individual people and give them a chance to shine.

When I started up in business four years ago I never thought in a million years that I would have come across so many heart destroying problems, which sadly has affected my child's life. Because bullies have stopped me trading my little girl has not been able to do the things her friends do. And I have not been able to pay to get her extra help with her reading etc. She went to a friends swimming party yesterday and she was the only one that could not swim, because I could not afford to send her to lessons. As a Mum you feel you have let your child down. Life seems to be just one big competition. I feel like I am in some sort of race and my child is the horse. Same with the reading books. I hate seeing her stressed out, so I encourage her to relax and do the things she enjoys which is art and crafts.

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