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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Scrapbook family tree my memories family album template $5.99


It is my Mum's birthday coming up and I thought it would be fantastic if I could create her a beautiful book with all our family photos. And the amazing thing is that I have only just received old photos of my Nan and her parents by email from my Mum's cousin last month all thanks to Google 
and You Tube.

Why don't you dig out some old baby photos and see just how much your children looked like you as a baby. Makes a very sweet layout to treasure forever in the family tree album.

The above photos are of my little girl when she was around 3 years old. I used to love dressing her up and taking photos. I even won a local photography competition with the top photo and the cover on my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. It was a real honour when my Digital Photography teacher asked me to show him some tricks when creating fairy and fantasy portraits.

My lovely Nan, Sybil Stanley Myles died feeling ugly because of the colour of her skin. Sadly she had a tough time with racists. Even Grandmother LeFevre blamed her mother below, Burmese girl, for her grandchildren having dark skin. But just because Grandmother LeFevre had a problem with dark skinned people that does not mean that all her family did. Hopefully one day the pieces will all fit and I will be able to put the ghosts to rest. My Nan was beautiful inside and out and as you can see she got her good looks from her Burmese Mother below, my Great Grandmother.

If you love the above family album templates as much as I do go to http://www.mymemories.com/

Check out my previous blog for the free software and photo competition!

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