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Friday, 11 November 2011

Scrapbook remembrance Sunday 13 November 2011 - no riots Daddy

I am going to create a Scrapbook image with a powerful message. Only last Friday night there was a massive teen fight outside our house. My little girl cried is Daddy going to die. Is this the way we are bringing up our children? When are we going to accept that everyone is different and we need to learn to live together and put our children first. My Nan was an orphan, think about it before you go out and destroy your families life and others! Here is a song we wrote with my little girl last Christmas about two orphans:

Even though I am white and burn in the sun, I have experienced race discrimination because I am English. Sadly some people blame all English people for past history when we had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Same as the Germans. I was brought up thinking they were bad people because of media and the history. But in fact they are not all bad people and the German women suffered. Hitler was the bad person and we must remember this and thank God that we had American and English men and women that saved us from a fate worse than death. And I am using God's name because he would be ashamed of all the different religions fighting each other when he teaches love and forgiveness.

Here is my finished Scrapbook image. I wanted to remember my Great Grandad who died in the 1st World War, and my Great Nan who either was murdered or took her own life to save her children from racism and poverty. Sadly her children, my Nan, suffered badly from racists because she was not pure white. Because she was of tanned skin. Her Grandmother did not take her and her brothers when both parents died and they did not receive their fathers army pension. So they were put in different homes, one of which they were treated as slaves and made to eat and sleep in a shed. These were meant to be church people.

If you are white and live in England you are lucky. If you are a different colour you can suffer. Riots do not accomplish anything. They destroy lives and buildings. Women talk things through, some men need to stop fighting and start talking and working things out. Total respect goes to lady leader Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma (Myanmar) she could show the way forward to world peace, if you would only listen! 

God bless you Nan, you died feeling ugly because you were made to feel bad for not being 100% English and White. You were and will always be beautiful to me, inside and out.

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children songs said...

We can not consider all people in same category.Every one have their mind and nature.In this sense you are telling right thing.

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

I love reading comments from my readers. Firstly thank you for stopping by. And secondly I treasure my comments so thank you for giving me your time and leaving such a powerful message. May our children's future be happier and brighter with the power of Google and networking. Change is possible if only we all try!

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