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Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas no presents just love

This Christmas I am happy to sit round the tree and expect no presents because my true gift is my little girl. I don't want to get further in debt so no I want nothing at all, except one thing from the UK Government and that is JUSTICE! My Nan always said we had bad blood in our family because of the amount of horrible bad luck. The old Government treated my Nan so badly as a child and now my little girl is going through near enough the same thing because some people in this world put money before children.

Compassion! Is this a word lost in our world. Teamwork? For me as a women that is not brainwashed by our society and someone that does not idolise rich and famous people because they are just human beings. Even though through life I have had some horrible things sent my way, I am still standing and they have taught me that changes have to be made in the UK for a better and more equal playing field for all our people. The rich man made Government may be good at some things, but when it comes to humanity and our children men are not capable of putting children first. And neither are some women that are rich or those that have not given life to a human being. There is nothing so special than Motherhood. I hope one day people will open their hearts and start to help one another in life instead of standing back and saying what can we do.

My little girl wears a mask because of horrible nasty men that have no respect for children or women. She lives in a horrible damp house and I listen to her cough and wheeze every single day. I have tried so damn hard to give her a decent life but rich, and selfish greedy men get in my way. But this Mummy will never give up because my little girl is the most important thing in my world. I don't paint my nails, go to the hairdressers and dream about having time on my own. I love being around her and she makes me smile. She healed my heart when it was broken. My darling daughter you are my life time gift I am so lucky to have you. Thank you God for giving me something as pure and sweet as the love of a child. Some men can let you down buy a child's love is something you can hold onto forever!

Lastly I want to say thank you to my partner for changing for me. People make excuses and say you should not expect someone to change. I say to these people the way some men treat women is not good and women need to demand respect. Never accept less as if he truly loves you and does not want to lose you he will change and fight for his child's future happiness. And the Government will put a stop to adult sites that destroy family values and stop Mummy's like me from trading, because children are our future.

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