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Friday, 30 December 2011

Flu jab gave me flu for Christmas

This has to be the worst Christmas ever, except for watching my little girl open up her presents and seeing that lovely magical sparkle in her eye and her pure belief in Father Christmas.

You read everywhere that the flu jab cannot give you flu. Well we had the flu jab around October/November and have both been very ill, thankfully my little girl has a better immune system than me and has not been as bad. The week before Christmas I found myself coming home from work and just crashing out and falling asleep with no energy to do anything. Then the Wednesday before Christmas I felt awful, I forced myself to go to work. But the following day I could not move and had to call in sick, I had all the flu symptom's and just could not move. Worse of all it affected my breathing as I have asthma. Between myself and my little girl we have got through two Ventolin Inhalers between us in a week. All I have done is sleep, sleep, sleep not a lot of fun for my little one that's for sure. What a total waste of Christmas Holiday. But hey ho it could be worse at least we are at home and not in hospital like some poor people. I think next year I will be saying no to the flu jab and yes to doing more exercise and eating much more fruit and veg.

My little girl loves fresh orange and apple juice. You cannot buy this in the supermarket. Freshly squeezed apple and orange juice is delicious and of course extremely good for you. And a great way for you to get your children to have more fruit. I purchased the Breville Juicer about five years ago and used to use it more when she was little. But now I think I will use it every week to keep us fit and healthy.

When searching the Internet for information on the flu jab I came across this very interesting article that mentions the flu jab effects your memory.


Have you been ill after having the flu jab? Last year we did not get flu so I guess it is hit or miss. Only had flu three times in my life so that is no bad going. I usually write on my blog every day but have just not had the energy to do so. After being ill for so long it is nice to see my Google Blog again and I look forward to feeling better. One thing about being ill is that the guilt of not being able to do things with my little girl forced me to create her some little costumes for her build a bear bunny. I will post them on her Little Snowflake Blog. She adores this bunny as it is from Jodie her Cousin who has Cystic Fibrosis. Now I feel lucky that I do not have that illness.

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