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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Paris Jackson masks were to protect her

Paris Jackson felt the masks she wore were silly but she realises it was there to protect her. And I have to say after four years of Cyber Bullying on the Internet and coming across hateful people that do not respect family values, women or children, I do not blame Michael Jackson one little bit. Some people really need to wake up around them and see the world for what it really is and fight for change for our children's sake. The amount of hateful things that have been done to me to stop me trading x that by 1000 hate mails to Michael Jackson you really cannot blame the man at all. See the little girl in the video below, well she was called a total s-ut. There are some very sick and evil people in this world and in my view not enough is being done about it.

The Internet is so capable of becoming family friendly and moving things that are not geared towards children and helping them keep their Mummy and Daddy together by taking adult sites away and moving them elsewhere to a paid for subscription only service. That way Mummy's have a say in what comes into their family home, the same should be for Sky TV etc as I am sick of seeing all these adult and chat sites advertised when you flick channels. It is all about making money and no family values. Our poor children are suffering because of it and some adults have become far too selfish thinking only of themselves.

If you want to fight verbally for change and bring back family values, get in contact on Facebook:


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