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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Banks no family values

How many people have begged the bank not to lend their partner money, because they cannot handle credit and just get in debt? I want to know your story. Leave a comment below and share with the world how greedy and nasty bankers are. Thanks to greedy banks and credit cards my partner owes nearly £20,000. I was so close to getting him out of debt before he was given credit and they destroyed everything I had achieved. How can these greedy bankers live with themselves knowing they are destroying family life. And keep paying themselves huge bonuses. It is as if they are possessed by the devil, wanting more and more and more money and possession and not giving a thought to our poor children that are suffering.

The women at Lloyds Bank that gave the ok for my partner to have credit better take a good look at what she has put my little girl through. And let me tell you when I am on my feet I am coming for you all in a big way verbally. Because I am not putting up with you greedy rich people destroying family life for our children. This is verbal war, and I don't need any guns or knives because Mothers are able to solve things by fighting back verbally. We bring life into the world and do not agree with destroying it. Making sure our world and children stay safe is the number one priority. I want to see the Government taxing things that destroy family life. All those nasty sites that are not child friendly I hope they suffer and stung badly by the tax man, serves them right for hurting so many people. 


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