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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Butterfly Lullaby book rare Waterstone's £53.82

I was told my work would never sell in the USA, and then that business person trashed all my work and tried to kiss me on the lips on the way out. Was it racism because I cannot say I am proud to be ? Thank you USA Waterstone's for proving them wrong. My rare book is advertised for £53.82 in the USA. Can I just ask where you got the book? £1 is meant to go to Cystic Fibrosis for Jodie my cousins little girl. And it would be nice if I could actually pay for the damp to get sorted out in the house by recouping the costs on my books instead of everyone making money out of all my hard work! The question is how are all my books for sale when they are not buying them from me? Have they been reprinted?

Well I have got my work cut out re selling my Butterfly Lullaby books as so far it has been nothing but a nightmare on the Internet because you need an angel like Google to look after you with high IT skills. Who knows maybe one day they will sponsor me and look after all my work.

Google if you are watching I could really do with some help and support to get my little girl out from the dark damp into the light! Can you sell my books for me?



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