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Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to get rid of black mould and black insects

This year I am going to do all I can to try and get rid of the black mould and damp in our house. Our kitchen cupboards now have the nasty black insects visiting and even when you clean the cupboards they just keep coming back for more. My little girl has a consistent asthma cough. I am losing my voice and we have been very poorly with Asthma, using our inhalers every day. When I lived in Wimbledon where I had no damp I never needed my inhalers. Only cats and dogs set it off. And since living in this house I have had to use my inhalers every single day. But I am worried about my little girl as the video below says that it can damage the lungs permanently.

Have you had the same problem please leave a comment.

Quick update. I read that you can use white vinegar to clean black mould from the walls organically. If you have breathing problems like us then I would really do your research and wear a really good mask. I cleaned the kitchen from black mould recently and I am feeling pretty poorly now. My partner did not get the right masks and the black mould in the house is getting to all of us. But the white vinegar has worked in the kitchen. Also having the tumble dryer pipe going outside instead of into the container full of water has made a huge difference.

Make sure you do not get ripped off by people claiming you have damp. Friends have paid for damp courses and it has not worked because it is all down to condensation. Old houses with stone brick walls all suffer from condensation which causes black mould. My friend has just informed me that her friend brought a wood burning stove that has dried out the walls. She is getting one. And when we can afford it we will definitely get one as the flue will create air flow. We do need to get the crack in the wall sorted out which the insurance company have tried to get away with not paying out for. Seriously why do we pay for these things?

How to get rid of mould organically:



Hec I am so angry right now with all the people that have stitched us up and stopped me trading!

Shame on you all for making my little girl live like this!

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