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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Antique doll mould which one is it? UK Brighton

Which antique doll mould is this? I purchased the doll moulds from a doll making course in Brighton, East Sussex UK back in the 1980s. I cannot for the life of me remember which antique doll it was. Do you know? It would be nice to research the original antique doll on the Internet to see what clothing was used and what the face painting was like. Anyway my little girl adores my handmade dolls. I just hope she treasures them and looks after them the way I did, as I created them nearly 25 years ago. She by accident has already broken the leg on one of the baby sailor dolls. Pictures yet to come. Managed to glue it back together, but it did upset me a little. My sister broke some gorgeous old antique porcelain dolls house dolls my Nan gave us. I could not believe it as I really took great care of them. And she also managed to break my Mum's black antique doll which was gorgeous. But at the end of the day they are just dolls. But it is nice to try and keep them safe for future generations to enjoy.

Here are my other porcelain dolls I made using the same antique doll moulds.

I know this clown doll may look scary to some, but I love him. The face painting is a little bit like the way I used to paint my own face, ha ha. You have to see the old photos to understand where I am coming from.

Here is my little baby clown doll, the same doll as the baby sailor doll. Very sweet.

My baby antique style porcelain doll. Sorry sweetie you cannot have this one as I want to make sure this one stays in one piece. Maybe when you are older and have some high shelves I will let you look after and treasure her the way I have for many years. Don't you just love the old fashioned antique style pram too!

Here is my poor little baby sailor antique style reproduction porcelain doll. And breathe! My little angel by accident broke his little leg. My fault for asking her to bring the dolls downstairs. I later find out the arm is broken too. But they could be an old injury. Anyway he is still as cute as a button. And I loves him I do!

I will add some more photographs of the handmade dolls I made many moons ago. And I am toying with the idea of creating the fairy dolls for my Butterfly Lullaby book and selling them as OOAK dollies. I did create a costume and wings for a doll I asked a friends sister to make for me. Sadly she still has the dolly and the costume so I will just have to have a go at making them myself once finances get better and we can invest in a kiln. My little girl is already nagging me to create some handmade dolls with her so Dad in Hastings is going to dig out my old moulds and send them on. Hec I need to get rid of some stuff to make room.

Here I am in Brighton, East Sussex, UK with the antique style baby doll I made. Same doll as the above photo.

I wonder if anyone blogs as much as me to fight for a better life for their child? If so let me know as I would love to meet such a wonderful person that believes in change too.

Have to go, boring old cooking. When you are creative cooking is just so dull. Do you know where I am coming from?

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