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Monday, 27 February 2012

Don't judge too quickly! Mummy and child have rights

Have you noticed how we all judge too quickly! And sadly I feel that we are made to feel that we should put up and shut up or move on. Just had the week from hell. People seem to accept life for the way it is and not fight for any sort of change. As a Mother who owns her house and needs to earn money from the Internet, I feel that NO, I should not accept the Internet the way it is and have the right to say to all the hosting sites that family values should be your No.1 priority, as this is the only way forward - and children should come first! So why am I told by everyone that I cannot do anything about it and tough that certain people on the Internet that have no family values are allowed to do what they want. I say to hell with that! No one gets away with trashing any of my work. I am sick of bullies!

I know a lady that was accused of steeling from a house. When things are written in the paper sadly people think that person is guilty before even having the trial. I said has this person stolen from any of you and they replied no! I then said well don't you think she has the right to a trial before believing the papers and they agreed. It happens that this lady was not guilty. The whole thing affected her badly and she ended up on depression tablets because people can be very cruel. Then there was the case of a lady that was accused of steeling from a charity. She was taken away from her children and the Police threw her in jail. She was innocent! And it was acually her boss that was guilty that tried to blame her!

Tell me about your experience of too quick to judge! I have many and thankfully I try to treat it like a learning curve and look closer at the bigger picture before making my mind up about someone. Everyone makes mistakes but hopefully it teaches us all that we need to stop judging people before finding out the whole story.
And when you read something on the Internet it could have a different meaning to what you had thought.

So when I said Goodbye on Facebook what I meant was that I wanted to move to Hastings to be around family and friends that could hopefully help us out of this mess.

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