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Friday, 10 February 2012

Family breakfast boiled eggs children love family

This morning we sat down as a family, for the first time ever on a school day, and had boiled eggs and soldiers together. I cannot tell you what joy that gave to my little girl and how she felt safe and secure knowing she had a proper family. I will not kid you, I have been to hell and back with her father. But I have forced him to change his ways for his daughters sake and now at last I think he is listening. Compared to my real father he is a saint who is their for his child. She is more important than anything and sometimes parents forget their true role and let them down, so we have to remind them to stop being selfish and start putting our children first. They are our future and we must show them true family life one that makes them happy.

I have joined London Mum's because they are the only networking Mum's group with compassion and heart. When I needed a lifeline they were there for me. It has taken me over four years to find them but today I feel safe and secure knowing that our future is bright. Monica has become a very dear friend who I will treasure, for her heart travels all the way to the end of the rainbow. But wait there is no end. So that just shows you hope is on it's way. I will be writing art and craft blogs with London Mum's Magazine every day when she is better. She has already posted a lot of my blogs. She told me she could not keep up with my blogging and that I was a pure genius. When men and some women have been so mean to you hearing something like this is just pure music.

Mum's never give up, believe and watch this Butterfly Lullaby transform your life. Our children matter and so do you! My little girl has to wear a mask because the Internet is not child friendly. We live in a horrible black mould damp house because Mummy has had no help or support stopping the greedy, selfish people from steeling from us and stopping me from trading. Stopping poor Jodie, my little girl and I from breathing easy. Our world is disgusting. Their are people that can make changes but don't. Their favourite word is NO, n o spells no! What it really means is I want to keep you down in the gutter because you are a threat. Recession is man made by selfish greedy people. We can stop this. You can help. Join London Mum's and tell Monica why you have joined. Together we will make this world a better place for our children.

On a happy note. My little girl is a clever little thing and I am sure your children are too. Don't worry if you cannot afford stage school etc like me. Make them shine with the Internet. But protect them as it is not child friendly just yet. Make up a name and make them a mask. One day there will be an equal playing field for all talented children just watch Butterfly Lullaby fly. We will get you justice!

Here is Little Snowflake when she was just 5 years old. You just gotta cut, cut, cut. Her very first arts and crafts video.

My little girl is very good at creating songs. We made this one up as a family. Funny how it sort of relates to my Nan who lost both her parents. I can just imagine her horrible cold Christmases in the shed with no love or hope, just a book to take her away into a better world. Hec I am so glad my face is white and not black (dark) like my Nan's as she died feeling ugly because of the colour of her skin, how sad! We are indeed very lucky. And it is time to stand up for all our abused children and say we care and we will stop the bullies.

My little girl has had over 20,000 hits on You Tube with her original Flower Alien design.

There are many other arts and craft videos on You Tube. Here is Little Snowflake with her made up game using the new Trash Pack toys. She got little Trashie to fly. You put him on the big lid pop the trash can and he flies through the air. Make sure you sit back and don't put your head over the trash can.

So if you are looking for a Mum's group with a true heart. Join London Mum's Magazine. Monica is not well at the moment so bear with us and show you care. Much love. Sharon x


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