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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Google is my biggest fan and so is my daughter

I first searched for the name Butterfly Lullaby in Google. It did not exist back then so I am 100% the founder of this name. And that is why I spent money on buying the Butterfly Lullaby Trademark. This name really caught on when they saw I was at the top of Google. Swing out Sister brought out their Butterfly Lullaby song a year after my book launch where my little fairies are dancing to our song. And boy have they caused me a massive headache. Then there was Anderson Press with their Butterfly Lullaby book. Both of them were paying to go in front of me. How do I know they are paying. Because I got the same calls from sales people telling me they could get me to the top of Google and other search engines for a price. Well talented people don't need to pay, especially when they own the Trademark.

See the photograph below. That was me in New Zealand in my 20's. The days when the sun shone and there was a bright future. Sadly good things never last very long. But hey when I said I wanted to catch a shark and really put my mind to it, I caught that shark. And I set him free.

Take a look at my blogs and see just what a talented family we are. My partner sings and creates his own songs and music. But here he is singing at the Enchanted Manor in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the Kirks Folly.

You have to give him praise and say so why is he not singing for a living. Because of racists and politics that is why!

The song below is amazing it is called out of the darkness and that is how I blinking feel at the moment. I am in some deep black hole waiting for a rope to pull me up. But selfish, greedy people are afraid of me because they know I can get us out of recession because my heart is better than theirs and I am willing to share. Also I have the talent they don't. I am not being big headed but I am being confident because bullies have tried to destroy me and put me down making me feel useless. But do you know something I have won so many battles in life I refuse to give up or given in, until I get what I want. And if I am pushed to run for Council I will damn well do it and shame all the people that have the power to create change but refuse to help it's people.


You have to laugh as it is as if the Council and Government are vampires bleeding us dry. If they are the vampires then we need to become the wolves and stop them. After all you do pay their wages. And our children deserve more than they have been given because they do not go to private school and mix with the snobs. Rich people love to have slaves and that is why they try to keep us down in the gutter.

Rich people steel from the poor. How evil is it to take from a child that is living in a horrible damp house where the black damp mould affects her Asthma. How mean is it that the rich can steel from a poor child with Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes and take her dream away of hope of finding a cure. Evil people have been steeling from Butterfly Lullaby since the day it was born. The rich steel from the poor and sick.

My talented little girl. Check out all Little Snowflakes videos on You Tube.

I could blog, blog forever. But there is not enough time.

Ask yourself one thing. Why do you support your Country when it does not support you?

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