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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mothers get well card blogging for change and hope

My poor dear Mum, made ill by evil selfish abusive men and school. At least she has my Step Dad, a good man with a pure heart of gold. Love you Dad thanks for being their for us as without you we would have ended in care because Mum was too ill to look after us at times. But do you know something even though I had to grow up quickly. My childhood was amazing. She was always there for me when I could not breathe. And she made me feel safe. At least I know how to stand on my own two feet and don't rely on handouts. That is why I own my house, because I have had to be independent. At four-five years old I got my breakfast and walked to school, stopping off at the sweet shop on the way. Something that has been taken away from most kids these days. They are not allowed to have fun any more. It took me an hour each way to and from school.

I have been waiting for the Government to give me justice from Cyber Bullying and people ripping off my business, but do you know something. I don't trust men. I have plenty of fantastic women friends but when it comes down to good kind men. I just don't think they know how to treat women.

Don't get me wrong their are some nice guys out their. A decent man will put a stop to adult sites that trash women and children and destroy family values.

We live in a horrible evil, greedy world ruled by money and not love. If their are any good Mum's out their get in touch because unless you stand up and talk and fight back verbally our children will have a horrible life too.

People that suffer from mental illness have been to hell and back. I would say nearly all would have been abused by some selfish idiot that has stolen their childhood away. Not only their childhood but their adulthood too as that nightmare plays over in their head day in, day out. Hypnotherapy can stop it. But you need to find a good one as all people are out to rip you off.  A GP should be made to help you, some are too full of themselves to even listen, but keep trying. You can stop it. Teach your child to say no. To tell you everything and keep them safe. And to those families that do not protect the child but protect the bully, shame on you!

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